MRI-guided focused ultrasound robotic system for preclinical research

Host Organisation: MEDSONIC LIMITED
Partner Organisation(s): PA 1: Cyprus University of Technology PA 2: YGIA POLYCLINIC
Project Budget: 180,987,20 €
IDEK Funding: 150,878 €

FUSROBOT’s main goal is to produce an MRI-guided focused ultrasound (MRgFUS) robotic system for preclinical use of small and large animals. MRgFUS is becoming an increasingly attractive non-invasive modality for oncology (cancer), and neurology (Parkinson). The goal is to produce a preclinical robotic system (final product) with 4 degrees of freedom (DOF) that can sonicate phantoms, excised tissue or animals using MRgFUS. The tissue heating can be accurately monitored using MR thermometry. The ultrasonic system will include a single element transducer (ranging from 20-60 mm in diameter) and will operate with a frequency ranging from 0.5 to 4 MHz. A software will be developed that will control this medical device. The system will be evaluated in phantoms, excised tissue and animals. By the end of the program all the necessary documents for patent application will be ready.