Intelligent Roll-to-Roll Processing of Advanced Carbon Fabrics based on Machine Learning and Non-Linear Automatic Control

Host Organisation: AMDM - Advanced Materials Design & Manufacturing Limited
Partner Organisation(s): PA 1: Phoebe Research and Innovation Ltd
Project Budget: 285.631,20 €
IDEK Funding: 199.941,84 €

The scope of Roll 'n' Roll is to develop a novel, intelligent, industrial R2R machine for enhancing the manufacturing process as well as the quality control system of technical fabrics processing. The novel components of the Roll 'n' Roll machine are 1st the innovative way of applying heat locally on the surface of technical fabrics and 2nd the adaptive non-linear feedback control system which will be integrated with the machine. The latter is basically a machine-learning-based non-linear automatic feedback control system, which will be developed and consider the above described process as a plant characterized by the state of the temperature at the fabric surface to be processed. The project will involve the following group of research and development activities; the design and simulation of the process with the prototype development, the non-linear automatic feedback control system development, and the evaluation and the quality control of the process. A detailed commercialization plan of the Roll 'n' Roll machine in the fields of polymer composites and technical fabrics processing and flexible organic electronics processing will be prepared together with a number of dissemination activities of the project results.