Innovative Design for Improved Application of Glass BIPVs on Buildings

Host Organisation: M.G.F.K. ENERGY LTD (K-Energy)
Partner Organisation(s): PA 1: University of Cyprus PA 2: Deloitte Limited
Project Budget: 256.360,00 €
IDEK Funding: 197.758,00 €

The project aims to bring the novel emerging glass BIPVs (Building-integrated photovoltaics) installation on facades in its next maturity level. Buildings account for 40% of the global energy consumption and BIPVs are the answer in achieving the nearly zero energy buildings (NZEB). The objective of this consortium brought together is to develop a complete BIPV system abiding to all building regulations, according to the resilience, safety and fire requirements to be installed in commercial buildings. Additionally the new product, will enable natural light to enter the building whilst filter out harmful solar radiation whilst keeping a comfortable indoor temperature for the occupants. This new glass BIPV product will be developed that can be installed on facades of commercial buildings in Southern Europe, however as this is an installation on new buildings in Cyprus, it paves the way for its wider application in similar climates as Cyprus. Therefore, this new product comes at a time that the market will be seeking for opportunities to meet this requirement. The advanced development of glass BIPV technology, and the launch of this novel product, will assist in the widespread application of BIPVs in the commercial sector in Cyprus. With the expertise of the consortium partners, it is expected from the primary key stakeholders such as architects, buildings owners, contractors, policy makers, to have a high influence in the BIPVs field. With the expertise of a large enterprise such as Deloitte is, great significance will be given in raising awareness and promoting this new product in the public and private sector, within Cyprus and worldwide. Moreover, this collaboration will be fruitful in raising awareness in the construction world of this new product, as it is a collaborative work between an architectural/construction firm to incorporate a BIPV facade for new commercial buildings in Cyprus.