Development of an environmentally friendly earth masonry system using locally sourced raw materials

Partner Organisation(s): PA 1: Between the Lines Trading and Services ltd PA 2: University of Cyprus
Project Budget: 244.540,00 €
IDEK Funding: 199.978,00 €

The project aims to develop an environmentally friendly earth masonry system that will be composed of Compressed Earth Blocks (CEBs), which will be fabricated using locally sourced materials. It is anticipated that the research conducted will promote (i) the use of sustainable building methods and (ii) the exploitation of local natural resources for the production of construction materials. Experimental and computational research will be carried out. The primary objectives will be to: (i) facilitate the production and use of CEBs, (ii) demonstrate the feasibility and technical quality of the proposed solution, (iii) develop a background that can be commercially exploited by project partners (SMEs) for substantially improving their products/services and (iv) promote the use of environmentally friendly earthen materials in the building sector, setting the path for further research.