Isolation and Characterization of Fusarium mycotoxins in Cereals and by-products

Host Organisation: cp foodlab ltd
Project Budget: 309.800,00 €
IDEK Funding: 199.000,00 €

The proposed study includes an investigation in Fusarium phytopathogens. The main objectives of the proposed project are:
(i) the isolation and characterization of agriculturally significant Fusarium phytopathogens (F. verticillioides, F. proliferatum, F. sporotrichioides, F. poae, F. graminearumand F. culmorum) from cereals (as raw materials), from fields (as animal feed),) and cereal products (as end products) from Cyprus.
(ii) the determination of their ecological fitness characteristics and their sensitivity to fungicides used against cereal phytopathogens,
(iii) the development of biological and molecular techniques for rapid and reliable detection and identification of Fusarium phytopathogens in cereals,
(iv) the development of appropriate analytical methods for simultaneous determination of various Fusarium mycotoxins (fumonisins, zearalenone and trichothecenes) in the field (as feed) and cereals (as raw materials) and their byproducts, and
(v) The establishment of a training center for the education and training of farmers, producers, and consumers on the dangers arising from the production and consumption of infected raw materials