Pollution Levels At and Near gas Stations and their Effects on the human Mind and Body

Host Organisation: Cp. Foodlab Ltd
Partner Organisation(s): PA1: AAI Scientific Cultural Services Ltd
Project Budget: 287.020,00 €
IDEK Funding: 200.000,00 €

The PLANS-EMB project is an Industrial (Applied) Research project that promotes collaboration of an analytical laboratory with a research centre, in order to produce innovative services and policies. The main objectives of this project are: i) to measure BTEX and MTBE levels at and near to different gas stations, ii) to investigate the total exposure of gas station workers to such matter and (iii) to explore the correlation of pollutant exposure to behavioral and electrophysiological changes and possible use of such changes as early warning signs. Additionally, as atmospheric dilution can decrease the concentration of a gas as it moves away from its source, vertical and horizontal distribution measurements of these pollutants will be designed, in order to estimate the corresponding concentrations and exposure of the population living in proximity to gas stations. The results of the project will help the oil companies and authorities plan their operations so workers in gas stations and the public in the surrounding areas are protected from potentially harmful pollutants. This improvement of public health endow the project with high both social value and economic benefits from prevention of medical conditions and loss of working days.