Development of Ultra Strong Multi-Functional Carbon Fibre Textiles through Nanofibre - Fibre Effective Bonding

Host Organisation: AMDM - Advanced Materials Design & Manufacturing Ltd
Partner Organisation(s): PA 1: Cyprus University of Technology
Project Budget: 263.636,76 €
IDEK Funding: 199.968,49 €

In transportation, there is a continuous need for lighter and at the same time stronger structures. The aim of this project is the development and production in industrial scale of a novel, highly strong carbon fibre (CF) textile material through the introduction of additional effective load-transfer mechanisms, which excessively enhance textile functionality and eventually CF composite strength.
Carbon-NanoWeld presents the industrial development of an innovative textile-material with microfibre-nanofibre-nanoparticle fractal networks that imitate the prototypical architecture of natural structures such as feathers. This textile is more than 300% stronger and 8% lighter per volume unit compared to conventional CF reinforced plastics. Carbon-NanoWeld aims to generate and collect original research data which will assist in the optimization of the developed processes, products and services, in further R&D activities of the consortium, and in scientific publications in peer reviewed journals where applicable. Carbon-NanoWeld aims to involve researchers in original, high-tech industrial research work in the field of advanced polymer nano-composite materials through novel activities of material design, processing, and experimental evaluation. Carbon-NanoWeld creates 2.33 scientifically specialized job-positions (based on PDRA full-time person-months) with the aim to be sustainably supported by AMDM upon completion of the project.
General objectives:
1-To develop a new adjustable Prototype Processing-Module
2-To implement the Prototype Processing-Module through customized industrial sub-processing techniques
3-To integrate and deliver the Prototype Processing-Module for innovative advanced textiles/prepregs
4-To research, evaluate, and optimize the product of the developed Prototype Processing-Module
5-To establish and commercialize a new class of advanced textiles based on carbon or other advanced fibres