Self operated vertically rising flood barrier

Host Organisation: Dion. Toumazis & Associates LLc
Project Budget: 288.000,00 €
IDEK Funding: 200.000,00 €

ORTHOFRAGMA (ortho=upright, fragma=barrier) is a planned research project aiming at the acquisition of new knowledge and skills in developing a new innovative and smart product for the protection of the built environment and infrastructure from flood damage (Patent application filed to the UK IPO). This vertical flood barrier is normally hidden below pavement level, in front of an opening through which flood water might enter a protected area. On flood approach, hydrostatic pressure acting on a buoyant protrusion at the top of the barrier applies an upward force greater than weight of OTHOFRAGMA, thus lifting the barrier automatically. The crest of the barrier is always above flood level, thus preventing the entry of flood water in the protected area. On flood recess ORTHOFRAGMA lowers itself again automaƟcally.Dedicated design soŌware will be developed enabling the production of components forming the assemblies of the product. The aim is to have a fully automated production process, using durable materials, with no human intervention. A prototype will be constructed for investigation in the in-house facilities, both for smooth vertical movement and for effective water tightness. A pilot product will be constructed and installed in an environment prone to flooding. ORTHOFRAGMA will also be promoted through videos, social media, demonstrations and exhibitions. Flooding is the number one natural catastrophic phenomenon which is likely to become more frequent and more intense due to climate change. The EU Floods Directive promotes the motto “living with the floods” whereby flood damage is avoided by implementing flood adaptation measures. Automatic flood barriers are adaptation measures and their market share is growing. The challenge is to bring an effective new product to the international market at a competitive price. The success of ORTHOFRAGMA will increase the competitive capacity of the firm and create jobs in Cyprus and the EU.