Fleet Information Sharing

Host Organisation: Prevention at Sea Ltd
Project Budget: 298.860,80 €
IDEK Funding: 200.000,00 €

The aim is to develop an innovative platform solution, Fleet Information Sharing (FISH), rooted on clear-market needs and fully business oriented, addressed to the maritime industry. FISH perfectly matches the objectives of the Programme and the Call “Research for Enterprises” as it contributes to the increased competitiveness and growth of a Cypriot company through the development of an innovative solution and utilization of research findings during this process. FISH aims to validate and bring to the market a solution that simplifies, organises, and virtualizes the ship inspection process, by enabling users to review a ships’ data at any time. FISH targets to eliminate the administrative burden of the ship inspections by providing an economically beneficial solution for its users, and stakeholders.
FISH is expected to be managed effectively and timely by using standard Project Management procedures. Our company holds an ISO 9001 accreditation, therefore all Risk Management & Quality Assurance procedures will be followed strictly based on ISO. We have a dedicated team that will work on the project materialization, using state of the art software & hardware applications, and by employing top notch software development procedures. We will disseminate and communicate our project’s results to the intended stakeholders, based on the dissemination strategy we have developed for our proposed project, taking into consideration activities in line with National Policy for ‘Open Access’.
We are expecting that our proposed project will radicalize the maritime industry, by proposing a totally new method of performing ship controls, while on the same time providing our targeted audience major time and cost savings on the procedure. We are also expecting to help the Cyprus R&I system to develop further by actively contributing to it, boosting the national economy by creating new job positions, and finally, helping to expand the current research on paperless maritime solutions.