Design and development of an innovative paramotor, exploiting new materials and technologies, leading to enhanced performance and safety (SPOTI)

Host Organisation: Aviolite Ltd
Partner Organisation(s): PA 1: CY.R.I.C Cyprus Research And Innovation Center Ltd
Project Budget: 95.682,00 €
IDEK Funding: 74.993,00 €

The SPOTI project aims to employ engineering and scientific knowledge towards improving the paramotoring equipment in terms of performance, usability and safety. These developments will also pave the way to new applications for this flying machine. As a result of the proposed research and development work an innovative paramotor will be delivered that introduces: i) new lightweight multi-layer polymer materials, along with novel design solutions and customized manufacturing techniques that will effectively enhance the structural strength and impact resistance, ii) new technological improvements that will increase performance and stability, including a novel engine torque counterbalancing method, and iii) a safety-by-design approach implemented to reduce the possibility of pilot error and mechanical failures.