Reflective Analytics for Business InTelligence (RABIT)

Host Organisation: JARVIC Ltd
Partner Organisation(s): RAIConsultants Ltd
Project Budget: 89.734,80 €
IDEK Funding: 74.982,00 €

The RABIT platform will provide the means for reflecting on the effectiveness and efficiency of a data analysis workflow. It will provide mechanisms for fine-grained seamless monitoring, logging and sharing of qualitative and quantitative characteristics of different analysis workflow. These include: a) information on the analyst (e.g. demographics, experience, expertise); b) information on the tasks (e.g. purpose, configurations, timestamps, evaluation metrics); and c) a summative assessment of the analysis process (e.g. duration and frequency of tasks, fall back effort, qualitative feedback from decision makers). Based on this information, data analysts and decision makers will be able to: a) identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies related to one’s methodology; b) compare alternative approaches; and c) better allocate resources based on identified bottlenecks and performance requirements. This allows for improvement in conventional data analytics practices at an individual level, but also at the level of an organization’s workforce.