Cognitive Profiling: Video-Game Based Cognitive Tests for Kids

Host Organisation: Gnous Research Ltd
Partner Organisation(s): Cyprus Neuroscience & Technology Instituter
Project Budget: 84.370,88€
IDEK Funding: 74.991,25€

COGNIPROFIL concerns the commercialization of Mental Attributes Profiling System (MAPS), a system that profiles cognitive abilities and diagnoses dyslexia and other learning difficulties. It responds to an important social challenge as it addresses 10-20% of the children’s population. Early diagnosis (which is key for life success with enormous economic and social repercussions) is made possible using attractive video-game-like interfaces. It falls within Priority Sector “Health” and Horizontal Sector “ICT.” Primary clients are neuro-pediatricians, child-psychiatrists and clinical psychologists; secondary are schools (as screening test) and parents (home evaluation; prediagnosis).
The General Objectives (GO) are: (1) Harness MAPS’ scientific, economic and social potential, making it available internationally; (2) Extend the battery adding a leap-forward test to assess the ability to multitasking, thus reponding to one of the greatest challenges of today’s generation. To meet these GOs, the applicants will (1) pilot test in diverse cultural and language environments in order to amend, adapt, improve, and thus prepare for international markets, and (2) substantially extend and improve their product adding a new groundbreaking test that assesses Divided
Attention (DA).
GNOUS Labs Ltd. was launched as a start-up hosted within Bank of Cyprus’ IDEA Accelerator (2018). Within its first year, GNOUS Labs secured two modest angel investors, started sales in Cyprus, launched validation experiments in English, and won three awards (Digital Championship Cyprus, 2017; Disrupt Cyprus Cup, 2017; Get in the Ring, 2018).