Blupath CulturePoint Development

Host Organisation: BL Blupath Ltd
Partner Organisation(s): PA1: Nicosia Tourism Board PA2: Archbishop Makarios III Foundation
Project Budget: 63.473,00€
IDEK Funding: 50.000,00€

The objective of the project is the substantial further development of an existing solution named ‘Infopoint’ into a ‘holistic, omni channel, communication, visitor engagement, and collaboration platform for the wider cultural and tourism space, aimed towards locations such as museums, galleries, and administrators of outdoor tourism attractions such as municipalities and tourism boards’. Development of the solution will be informed by feedback and comments from its parallel deployment at key indoor and outdoor tourism and cultural locations in the city of Nicosia. The solution will be deployed at these locations at the earliest possible stage in which working software is available, with deployments continuously updated through the course of the project, and the real user feedback from these taken into consideration during the ongoing software development. The goal of the project is to end up with a powerful, marketing leading solution that supports the wider needs of institutions in the culture and tourism space, that has been built using the insights from actual market users. The partnering consortium partners with which the solution will be deployed are the Nicosia Tourism Board, The Nicosia Byzantine Museum, and the Makarios III Art Gallery.