Programmatic advertising on TV and radio

Host Organisation: S & A NEMO ONLINE HOLDING Ltd
Project Budget: 58.945,00€
IDEK Funding: 50.000,00€

This proposal is about the development of new age services for automating the advertising market in the areas of offline media. TV and Radio need to follow the current trends for advertising services. Programmatic automated advertising through software have been developed the recent years for the sector of online advertisement. Google with its platform ADWORDS, and Facebook with Business Manager are now moving more than 50% of the digital advertisement budget. This proposal objective is the development of an online software platform that it will offer services: (1) To TV and Radio Stations for the management of their advertising inventory, and a new way to sell it directly to the interested customers, (2) To the companies and individuals that want to advertise on the TV and Radio stations who through this software will be able to view the available advertising slots, book them for their advertisement, pay online.