Electronic Health Record for the Elderly

Host Organisation: 3AE Health Ltd
Project Budget: 58.920,00€
IDEK Funding: 50.000,00€

Demographic changes by 2060 in the EU estimate an impressive increase (+79%) in the number of people over 65 years of age. These projections underpin the need of adopting a common European strategy for the ageing that will facilitate personalized and assisted living interventions capitalizing ICT advances, towards increasing the level of healthcare provision and ultimately quality of life. The eHealth4Ageing project aims to develop and promote an integrated Electronic Health Record (EHR), specifically designed for the elderly population. EHRs are the backbone of any healthcare system and provide the means to store, process and communicate patients’ medical data in a secure manner. The eHealth4Ageing system will be implemented leveraging state-of-the-art technologies in cloud-based service provision for anywhere, anytime, and any-device secure and role-based access to EHR, IHE interoperability profiles adhering to EU directives for cross-system and cross-border communication, statistical analysis for informed decision making at a disease and population level, as well as synchronization of patients’ treatment plan with EHR for real-time notifications and alerts. Importantly, the proposed solution will accommodate provisions for communicating epSOS patient summary between National Contact Points as required by the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) initiatives for healthcare. eHealth4Ageing aspires exploiting the full potential offered by the present call towards developing an EHR solution for the explicit needs of the elderly population, both in Cyprus and the EU. The business plan of the project is to promote and distribute the eHealth4Ageing platform obtaining a reasonable market share of National elderly care centers during the first year of commercialization. By the second year their intentions are to expand their services at an international market and gradually upgrade the eHealth4Ageing platform to include new commercial solutions for the benefit of all stakeholders in the healthcare sector.