AINIGMA – A Next Generation Interactive STEM Toy

Host Organisation: Scientini Ltd
Project Budget: 117.600,00 €
IDEK Funding: 99.960,00 €

The human mind is inherently curious and scientifically inclined. Curiosity in how the world works begins during the early stages of childhood and continues throughout our lifetime. The best way to spark and foster children’s interest in sciences is to give them opportunities to play while learning and learn while playing. STEM toys can be excellent educational vehicles that combine fun and learning in creative and exciting ways, and motivate and enable children to be original, imaginative thinkers, builders, explorers and inventors. However, there is currently a large gap between education and play in the global market. Existing products have low intellectual value and fail to satisfy the high demand for toys that can have a real impact on children’s education and overall development. We have conceived and designed a novel STEM toy – AINIGMA – which combines hands-on experimentation and problem-solving activities with computer assisted and interactive learning to educate children, spark curiosity and foster interest in sciences. AINIGMA is designed to exemplify fundamental sciences through play and experimentation and combines features such as advanced experimental methodologies, a novel interactive e-platform and multifactorial scenarios that make it unique in the international market and with the potential to disrupt the global STEM toy market niche. Through this proposal, we wish to support further research and development activities for AINIGMA in order to reach a fully workable MVP, and branding and marketing efforts to allow us to attract investors and penetrate the global market.