Redefining the orthopedic supports global market by an adaptable and high-end wrist/forearm hybrid splint

Host Organisation: Simlead Ltd
Partner Organisation(s): PA1: MAP Innovation Ltd
Project Budget: 120.045,20 €
IDEK Funding: 99.178,82 €

The scope of Hybrint project is to develop a breakthrough orthopedic wrist/forearm splint with global market penetration prospects. Hybrint would span the manufacturing and process technology of injection molding in the global orthopedic supports sector, by introducing two fitted high-temperature thermoplastic polymers, rigid and elastomer, in such configuration which would be adaptable for every single patient/user (gender/age, gender neutrality). Hybrint technology, is currently focused to design, develop and fabricate the first adjustable orthosis forearm-wrist splint with advanced competitive features such as; waterproof, FDA approved materials, durable, lightweight, transparent (optional), fully recyclable, reusable, breathable, hygienic and with design features that allow to be used either on the right or left hand with equal ease. The project will involve three group of research and development activities: (A) primary design and modelling activities from which an optimized geometry of the HYBRINT will be derived, (B) develop and test a variety of 3D printed prototypes and quality assurance of injection molded prototypes, (C) evaluation of the Hybrint prototype (MVP product) in pilot operational environment as well as analysis results for further improvement and optimization. In addition, by the end of the proposed work, Simlead envisages to tune all manufacturing process requirements, in order to initiate demonstration activities, technology maturation and follow a solid marketing and business strategy for pitching to potential investors, brand awareness and financial performance.