A revolutionary cost-effective cloudbased and AI-powered ECG analysis solution that assists healthcare professionals in the early diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases

Host Organisation: Medtl Medical Technologies Ltd
Project Budget: 117.850,00 €
IDEK Funding: 99.832,50 €

What emerges the need for developing LAIFE is the lack of cost-effective and holistic solutions for diagnosing ECG and chronic cardiac arrhythmias, through AI exploitation. LAIFE presents the first solution to utilize Artificial Intelligence via an integrated Holter Patch and medical platform (offered as a bundle) to diagnose CVDs, related to chronic cardiac arrhythmias. while featuring incomparable economic benefits. Currently, companies offering AI analytics for ECGs are scarce and those who exist do not offer the benefits of complete packages (only AI modules). An ECG test (electrocardiogram) is used to measure the electrical activity of the heart, allowing the diagnosis of chronic cardiovascular diseases (CVDs). The LAIFE project aims to become a huge asset for healthcare businesses, such as private cardiologists, hospitals and clinics. With its unique features such as efficient monitoring and data recording as well as quick analysis and reporting of a patient’s cardiovascular status and condition, LAIFE has set a major goal of becoming a big technological milestone within the healthcare industry.
What makes LAIFE withstand from competition is its unparalleled pricing proposition, of just 99 € per month (or 1200 € per year), for the AI integrated medical platform, plus 600 € for each Holter Patch. Considering that the second cheapest solution, for a clinically approved Holter Patch only, is at least 3000 € then it is evident that the proposed LAIFE solution exceeds current standards in an agile manner. LAIFE is being developed by Medical Technologies Ltd or MEDTL (www.mymedtl.com) a Cyprus based, Start-up which is well versed in the fields of Healthcare, Software development and Technology Integration. MEDTL was established in 2017 with the vision to become a leader company in providing beat to beat ECG analysis and has been working on this project during the last 8 months. Our goal is to bring the LAIFE solution into the market, after preparing an elaborate business plan as part of this Pre-seed project.