Razor sharp grass and brush blade system

Host Organisation: Katana Technologies Ltd
Project Budget: 117.652,00 €
IDEK Funding: 100.000,00 €

Grass cutting is almost as old as humanity and yet a universal, ergonomic and inexpensive solution has yet to be found for this seemingly simple problem. There are hundreds of solutions for thick brush or thin grass and using metal chains or nylon strings as cutting blades. Yet all of these come with problems in functionality or the environment that makes them unhealthy or simply too cumbersome to use. The number of solutions in popular online stores for a better grass cutting solution is so huge showing the great need for such a solution. The negative reviews and problems mentioned however also show that this solution has not yet been found. Until now!
The KatanaBlade, as the name suggests, is a razor sharp solution that can cut thick brush as swiftly and elegantly as fine grass blades. It is the first of its kind solid wire, free articulation system where advanced structural mechanics and precision material science have enabled a simple metal wire to be used successfully for cutting grass and thick brush with the endurance of a metal blade disk and the simplicity of not having to change the trim head or blades when a significantly different thickness of brush is encountered. The environmental benefits of the KatanaBlade are some of its other major advantages. Unlike the hundreds of tons of plastic nylon string that are ground to nano-particles as they cut grass all around the world every year, the KatanaBlade system uses a super-durable alloy of metal that allows it to cut longer, better and faster, and any material left behind will simply rust and be absorbed by nature just like any other naturally degradable material within a few months. No more fine plastic dust entering the aquifers and eventually the food chain and our bodies.
Our team has developed 85% of this system through several prototypes already tested. A push for the finalization of the material testing and advanced mechanical prototyping of our commercial prototype is needed for the product to be ready and worthy of the world market.