Air Quality Monitoring for Indoor Environments

Host Organisation: Lelantus Innovations Ltd
Partner Organisation(s): PA1: University of Cyprus PA2: Cyprus University of Technology
Project Budget: 117.600,01 €
IDEK Funding: 99.960,01 €

Approximately 20 cases of Legionnaires’ disease per one million persons are reported in U.S each year while 9% of those
cases are fatal. According to an investigation contacted by U.S. CDC, the main reasons for these outbreaks are process failures and equipment failures. These cases could have been avoided, and future outbreaks might be prevented, if an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitoring technology was widely available.
The AURA team has been working on the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitoring challenge for the last seven years, producing a number of highimpact peer-reviewed journal publications and software. In specific, the team has recently released an innovative software, “COMOB: COntaminat MOnitoring in Buildings”, that includes state-of-the-art methodologies for contaminant sensor placement, as well as IAQ and contaminant monitoring processes, for detecting the existence of the contaminant source and identifying its location in the building interior.
The overall objective of the AURA project, is to establish a new start-up company (Lelantos Ltd) that will bring to an international market an innovative software for IAQ monitoring, that can significantly improve the indoor air-quality monitoring in large, energy efficient buildings while also reducing the overall cost of the monitoring system. As part of this project, Lelantos will contact a feasibility study and prepare a business plan, to determine the specifications and requirements for the target market, develop and demonstrate the solution in specific indoor environments, prepare a minimum viable business product, validate its applicability and evaluate its commercialization potential with early adopters and potential investors.