Tools for family planning

Host Organisation: SFPD Family Planning Devices Ltd
Partner Organisation(s): PA1: University of Cyprus
Project Budget: 117.280,00 €
IDEK Funding: 99.688,00€

We are building a digital tool for family planning. Our device lets women monitor their fertile window in real time from the comfort of their homes.
The general objectives of this project are:
-Research, evaluaton and development of a Hardware device prototype and SoŌware prototype for at-home fertlity awareness, to be used as a non-chemical family planning solution.
-Business development by performing market research, idenƟfying the right business model, developing a business plan, protectng intellectual property and looking for first investors in order to enter US and EU markets.
Thus, we’ll develop the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), the strategy and execution plan for a successful global business, in the Digital Health and Wellbeing sector, for women around the world. Our ""Unique Selling Proposition"" (USP) of products and services can be summarised as ""High Accuracy Fertility awareness using an at-home device and mobile app."" The device and algorithms will allow to detect the fertile window, assisting on family planning. In this project we are developing:
a. The Bluetooth enabled device MVP that analyzes the color, viscosity and pH of cervical mucus.
b. The Software MVP: Mobile App, for iOS and Android, control and collect data from the device.
c. The business plan, with go-to-market strategy, and
d. The network of investors, consultants and advisors.
The significance and impact of the project for economic, social and technological development at national and international level: Improved family planning, Improved digitized health technology, increase synergies between Life-sciences and Technology, increase Cypriot exports and foreign investments.