Preventing unattended data recording and leakage in smart devices

Host Organisation: Malloc Ltd
Partner Organisation(s): University of Cyprus
Project Budget: 113.200,00 €
IDEK Funding: 96.220,00€

Highly concerned about the latest reported data breaching incidents a group of experts monitored and investigated the behavior of software applications and IoT devices, with primary objectives to define how user data is recorded and transmitted to external services, and at a secondary level to identify and investigate cases of unattended data recording without the user's explicit consent. As a result, the Malloc team has produced an effective AI-powered solution, equitable on smart devices, for automated detection and prevention of unattended data transmissions. Through this proposal, the Malloc team aims to investigate this further, release its value proposition and make this software accessed publicly through its commercialization. Having recognised the significance and volume of sensitive data stored and manipulated by a smartphone, the Malloc proposal aids the development of a software solution for the safeguarding of mobile devices against unauthorized or unattended data recordings/transmissions. Malloc is a highly innovative solution that combines state-of-the-art cybersecurity principles with intelligent machine learning algorithms to detect such unattended attempts in real-time. Malloc will be established as a new dynamic startup company, with its purpose to develop and commercialize a software solution that enables end-users to have full control of their data and their dissemination.