Flying RFID Reader for Enhanced Range and Near Zero Shadowing

Host Organisation: RF and Microwave Solutions Ltd
Partner Organisation(s): PA 1: Frederick Research Center
Project Budget: 118.560,00 €
IDEK Funding: 99.990,60 €

The objective of the RFLiD project is to establish the RF&mWave Solutions startup company in order to explore a promising idea of a recently graduated PhD Electrical Engineer that was partly investigated during his PhD dissertation submitted at Frederick University. The idea is the implementation of a flying RFID reader in order to enhance the reading range, and reduce the shadowing which is common for most RFID enabled systems. The novel RFLiD reader will be implemented using a lightweight embedded dual-band reader that will be paired with co-developed dual-band RFID tags. The carrier commercially available UAV will be customized and will be equipped with a 3D printed inductive coil. The customized UAV will come with a wireless charging landing dock and it will support Touch&Fly wireless charging. The startup company will develop a prototype and a MVP which will be validated in Cyprus and it will meet the standards for international market exports.