Development of an infrared emission tomography system for medical imaging applications

Host Organisation: I.E.T. Infrared Emission Tomography Company Limited
Partner Organisation(s): PA1: The Cyprus Institute
Project Budget: 117.200,00 €
IDEK Funding: 99.620,00 €

The project aims to develop a minimum viable product of a novel infrared tomographic imaging system comprising of a high-
resolution and high-sensitivity infrared imaging detector. The proposed system utilizing non-ionizing radiation technology can be used for different industrial and especially medical applications to provide a safe diagnostic imaging tool. As a medical imaging diagnostic tool is intended initially to be used primarily for imaging of joints suffering from rheumatological arthritis and, thus defining our market priorities in the scaling-up process.
The novel infrared imaging system will be introduced into the market through a spin-off, which will capitalize on the technology and methodology developed at The Cyprus Institute over the course of six years of PhD and Postdoctoral research. The proposed product, utilizing a novel image reconstruction and data analysis method and exploiting infrared technology, which is inherently safe for human health, has potential application which is to be explored in numerous other diagnostic studies in the medical sector such as breast, thyroid and testicular cancer. The company will follow a beach-head strategy for market penetration, with the aim of validating the innovation, consolidating the market position and then scaling in other vertical segments in the global market of the health industry.