An Innovative and Intelligent Fitness Training System for Gym’s and Specialty Training Studios

Host Organisation: G.F. Bodytek Studios Ltd
Partner Organisation(s): CY.R.I.C. Cyprus Research And Innocation Center Ltd
Project Budget: 133.183,34 €
IDEK Funding: 100.000,00 €

Bodytek Plus is a holistic Fitness Training System incorporating scientific fitness training methodology and state-of-the-art technologies in IoT, wearables, data gathering/analysis and machine learning. Our system provides a solution to the increasing request from trainees for more personalized, short time effective training sessions with quick results and less injuries. Bodytek Plus aims to offer to Gym’s and Specialty Training Facilities a system to build personalized fitness training programs for their trainees, guide them through their proper execution, monitor live the performance and overview the progress based on the personal goals and milestones. Our solution consists of a software platform, a machine learning system, mobile apps and wearables and a pre-optimized training methodology based in knowledge and data collected via our client’s engagement in our existing training programs. The platform will incorporate a complete CRM system where trainee’s profiles will be created including their initial health and physical data as well as their personal goals. A package of IoT enabled wearable devices will be provided that will be either purchased or rented by the trainees. Wearable devices will monitor trainees’ average heartrate, max heartrate, time spend in different heart rate zones, calories and several gait parameters and report back to the platform. The system will process the data and provide the trainers reports on the trainees’ performance during the fitness session as well as their progress. A machine learning system will finally process the data and propose a training session optimization in case of underperformance of the trainee, or training session progression to more advanced levels in the case the trainee performs well and reaches the predefined personal goals.