KinesisVision Motion Capture Technologies

Host Organisation: AC Codewheel Ltd
Project Budget: 114.975,55 €
IDEK Funding: 97.728,75 €

KinesisVision will constitute a multi-person, low-cost, optical motion capture platform using depth sensing and deep learning advances. KinesisVision is a hybrid solution, offering both marker-based and marker-less motion capture, giving the possibility to the users to select the appropriate trade-off between the complexity and precision needed for each capture. Furthermore, KinesisVision offers cloud-based services for motion capture data post processing and export/download, but also the capability of interaction between the platform users by discussing on and sharing captured data as well as giving feedback and "likes". To this end, beyond the motion capture advances to the respective market, KinesisVision will be the first motion capture product that will "open" captured and processed animation data to the wider community