A revolutionary skateboard deck structure of advanced features which can be custom made to user preferences incorporating an IoT sensing system for monitoring skaters’ performance

Host Organisation: Capsule Skateboards Ltd
Partner Organisation(s): PA1: CY.R.I.C Cyprus Research And Innovaation Center Ltd
Project Budget: 619.264,20 €
IDEK Funding: 499.929,57 €

Capsule Skateboards Ltd is a Cyprus-based company with the vision to introduce innovative products in the skateboarding market. CAPSULE Project involves the manufacturing process optimization and upscale of Capsule's skateboard deck which incorporates unique and advanced performance and durability features due to CAPSULE's revolutionary technology of advanced polymer and composite materials. Moreover, CAPSULE Project will work on the technological maturation of 2 more unique offerings, Capsule Skateboards intents to introduce to the market (1) a flexible manufacturing customization process which enables the users to customise their board according to their physical and performance requirements and (2) an Internet-ofThings sensing system monitoring skaters’ performance and identifying tricks and figures using machine learning techniques. CAPSULE Innovation can be briefly summarized in the following points: (1) A skateboard structure of composite materials layers with the following properties (Impact Absorbing: Less fatigue resulting in decreasing injuries by 20% at 1m Landing height - 6 Time more Durable: Longer Skateboard life. Tested and validated with impact strength more than 6 times as compared to 7- Plywood boards - 0% Delamination Risk: A Solid board body with no chipping - 100% Recyclable - Weather Resistant), (2) A customization process allowing the adaptation on the skaters’ specific requirements (weight, pop, impact absorption etc.) on the board construction and (3) An IoT sensing system monitoring the skaters’ performance and recognizing tricks. CAPSULE project will allow Capsule Skateboards Ltd to bring innovation in the conservative market of skateboarding, which has been stationary for more than 70 years at the correct timing, since the market is expected to experience high growth the next few years due to the fact that Skateboarding is now an Olympic Sport as of 2020 Olympic Games in Japan.