The Mighty Chick'n

Host Organisation: Mighty Meat Kitchen Ltd
Partner Organisation(s): PA1: Cp Foodlab Ltd
Project Budget: 671.034,40 €
IDEK Funding: 500.000,00 €

The major aim of this project is the rapid development of Mighty Meat Kitchen (TMK) as a dynamic start-up that will (a) fully develop an internationally competitive plant-based chicken meat analogue and (b) mobilize private investment funds for this purpose. This product comes with a strong market relevance and a need to evolve current food system quality and efficiency. The ‘Mighty Chick’n’ (i.e the proposed product) has the exact same nutritional profile as chicken, without its negative elements. Mighty Chick’n is currently at 80% of its full development stage and is expected to be completed by fall 2020. Its production is based on combining (a) existing state-of-the-art production and processing machinery with (b) brand new components and development methods to create novel extracts that replicate animal fats and maintain product freshness. The development phase is already at an advanced stage with the remaining 20% consisting of R&D tasks targeted in this project.