Multi-sensor biochip for fast and effective management of sepsis at the point of Care

Host Organisation: Bialoom Ltd
Partner Organisation(s): PA1: CY.R.I.C Cyprus Research And Innovaation Center Ltd
Project Budget: 617,200.00 €
IDEK Funding: 499.720,00 €

MultiCare aims at delivering a revolutionary diagnostic biochip accompanied by a portable reader that will support clinicians for the first time to diagnose sepsis, monitor disease progression and assess the effects of treatment within minutes next to the patient. The MultiCare biochip integrates multiple highly sensitive photonic sensors on a low cost disposable semiconductor chip that is configured to quantify a panel of sepsis related biomarkers from small volumes of patient blood. What differentiates MultiCare from the competition is that it offers a multi-sensor test to quantify multiple parameters that indicate sepsis, identify bacteria and guide therapy with high accuracy (concentrations of pg/mL) at an affordable price (12 Euro per chip). Sepsis affects more than 30 million people worldwide each year and takes 8 million lives including more than 3 million children, translating into healthcare yearly costs nearly $24 billion in the US alone. Starting appropriate and effective antimicrobial treatment is crucial for sepsis survival. Previous reports have shown that the chance of survival drops by 7.6% each hour of disease progression until an appropriate antimicrobial treatment is started. Therefore, achieving an early diagnosis and accurate subsequent monitoring is a prerequisite for rapid and successful antibiotic therapy. However, point of care (POC) solutions for fast, affordable and effective management of sepsis remains a challenge. The impact of this unmet clinical need to the hospitals relates to the increased time & cost of patient hospitalization (~€30K per sepsis patient). For patients, this has an impact on increased mortality and morbidity (1 in 3 patients of sepsis die) resulting from suboptimal treatment of bacterial infections. By using the MultiCare solution on time, an average hospital can save up to €4M per year.