Blend - Digital Menu for Full Service Restaurants

Host Organisation: Blendapp Software Ltd
Project Budget: 117.647,00 €
IDEK Funding: 99.999,95 €

The objective of the proposed project is the development of a digital restaurant menu that will allow guests to view, order and pay directly from their phone while they are at the restaurant. The project aims at fully digitising the existing flow, which involves waiting for the server to bring the menus to the table, come back to place the order, and finally bring the bill to pay, and hence minimising the interaction with the server. The coronavirus recession has left no industry untouched, but the restaurant business is arguably one of the hardest hit so far. As restaurants are preparing to reopen, they are faced with new challenges. Customers will be expecting stricter health and safety measures and minimal human interactions. The proposed project will help restaurants increase staff efficiency and increase their already-razor-thin margins, and at the same time protect the customers and restaurant staff's health by minimising interactions between them. The project development will be split in 2 phases. In phase 1 the digital menu will be released and in phase 2 the ability to order and pay through the app will be introduced. The reason for splitting the project into 2 phases is the urgency of all restaurants to find a solution to their menus on the first day of reopening following the closures caused by COVID-19. Phase 1 will be available in month 2 and phase 2 in month 7.
The proposed project will be offered through a freemium model. The free plan will include the basic Digital Menu of Phase 1, which will allow customers to view the restaurant menu through their smartphone by scanning a QR code and will enable the restaurant to update the menu at any given time through their own admin panel accessed from a computer or tablet. The paying plan will come with a monthly subscription and will include the added functionality of allowing customers to place an order and pay directly form their smartphone while dining at a restaurant.