Blockchain COVID-19 Tracking

Host Organisation: Dcentric Health Ltd
Project Budget: 141.095,10 €
IDEK Funding: 119.930,84 €

Dcentric Health is a development stage venture based in Cyprus transforming the patient experience of healthcare by leveraging the unique benefits of blockchain to empower patients to have access to engaging, complete and secure medical records. Our blockchain-based mobile app solution aims to connect medical providers and enable them to seamlessly share records directly to their patients so that the patient has one digital and verified source of their entire medical history. Patients then have the control to share these tamper-proof records with doctors, government and researchers, in a touch of a button. In April 2020, we completed development of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) which will be launched imminently into our pilot hospital’s (a major hospital in Cyprus) clinical laboratory department.
The objective of this proposal is:
-to integrate all laboratories in Cyprus offering COVID-19 testng in order to enable the secure transfer of COVID-19 test results (as well as other test results) between different parties;
-develop a real-time plaƞorm which can track and analysis COVID-19 tests linking to key demographic information, targeted primarily for government use but also for clinical trial researchers and other parties who require access to trusted medical data.
-use the app as a source of trusted proof of testng and results (e.g. as a Travel CerƟficate for patents).
By utilizing the already completed blockchain-based mobile apps, we can integrate with all COVID-19 labs and develop and deploy the platform within 7 months.
These objectives are highly aligned with Dcentric’s overall company mission, laying the foundations to grow to other medical specialisms and the international market in 2021, with a plan to expand beyond Cyprus in 2022.