Intelligent Emergency Information Management Platform for Controlling COVID-19

Host Organisation: Phoebe Research and Innovation Ltd
Partner Organisation(s): PA1 University of Cyprus
Project Budget: 140.320,00 €
IDEK Funding: 119.272,00 €

The goal of CONTROL4COVID is the development and commercial exploitation of an innovative product to address the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences, by offering a complete platform which integrates the major stakeholders in a secure a reliable way, as well as the scientific community to help build a stateof-the-art, decision support system for managing the pandemic. focusing on the management of epidemiological information and its analysis to produce insights for the decision makers as well as the industry.
Moreover, from a technical point-of-view, the system needs an intelligent backend system which provides APIs for the integration of the different existing and future modules, as well as the ability to connect with future sensory systems for estimating COVID-19 spread within populations (e.g., via sewage monitoring, anonymous self-reporting apps). Finally, decision support tools can be used to forecast and to investigate different what-if scenarios, which can offer invaluable information for multiple industries and the economy in general.
A prototype has already been developed by KIOS and has been actively used during the pandemic in Cyprus since March 12, 2020, and this will be expanded with the PHOEBE’s AI-powered SEMIoTICS platform, which is already available and used in various products and services. Therefore, the time to use the project will be very short, in time to help manage the next COVID-19 wave.