Industrial production and commercialization of NanoWeld - Enhanced Technical Fabrics

Host Organisation: AMDM - Advanced Materials Design & Manufacturing Limited
Partner Organisation(s): PA1: Phoebe Research and Innovation Ltd PA2: Cyprus University of Technology PA3: Cyprus International Institute of Management, CIM
Project Budget: 1.455.880,00€
IDEK Funding: 941.822,00 €

AmaDema provides technological product solutions for different key points of the advanced composite materials supply chain. AmaDema focuses on the design and manufacturing of advanced intermediate products and materials for the polymer composites industry, such as enhanced technical fabrics/textiles (ex. NanoWeld), in order to cover problems and needs of customers in a variety of industrial applications, such as aviation, defense, sports, automotive, shipping etc., where hiqh strength and reduced weight are demanded. Having extensively worked on the development of NanoWeld, a patented technology, both as a material as well as a processing technology, AmaDema is aiming through the proposed project to reach TRL 8 by scaling up production and facilitating the wider adoption of the technology by the global market as well as matching currently expressed demands from international customers.

The proposed work aims to ultimately reach the desired TRL through the following key activities:

- To design, develop and certify an industrial prototype machine for processing NanoWeld technical fabrics, with sufficient capacity to meet currently expressed demand;

- To design and implement a novel feedback control system with online adaptation and learning capabilities of nonlinear process dynamics, for the newly developed machine in order to control: i) temperature, ii) pressure and iii) speed of the line.

- To promote and commercialize NanoWeld to the global market in order to increase customer portfolio and attract further investments.

- To significantly increase the capacity of production and accelerate the commercialization of NanoWeld textiles both through in house and licensing business models