Production system for large PET drums

Project Budget: 905.600,00 €
IDEK Funding: 584.560,00 €

CYPET Technologies is a manufacturer of Injection Stretch Blow Moulding machines for production of PET plastic containers. The machines work using a new technology developed and patented by the company. CYPET has commercialized the technology and has installed 16 machines all over the world, with another 6 under manufacture. Conventional machines produce up to 30 Liter containers, however CYPET has developed the technology to produce containers up to 120 Liters. It is the only machine manufacturer in the world whose technology can produce PET containers so large, enabling these containers to enter new markets that have traditionally been dominated by metal or HDPE containers. PET containers have significant economic, performance and environmental advantages compared to metal and HDPE, so CYPET is offering its customers an opportunity to change the drum market. The main objective of the proposed project is the development of a new Injection Stretch Blow Moulding machine, for producing (in a commercially viable way) a 220 Liter drum from PET plastic material. Substantial research and development will be required, in terms of container design, machine technology, mould technology and PET processing to achieve this.

Another objective is the 220 Liter PET drum be robust enough to pass UN certification tests so that it can be used for all applications that are served by existing drums. To achieve this objective, the strength to weight ratio of the drum needs to be optimized, requiring significant work in terms of design and stress analyses. If successful, the project will have resulted in an innovative, unique machine that can produce a world-first PET drum that no other company can produce. The PET drums will serve as a compelling alternative to existing drums, due to a multitude of advantages that PET material has over HDPE and metal. Sales of this machine for drum production is expected to contribute heavily to overall sales of CYPET machines produced in Cyprus and exported all around the world.