Development of a new expandable robot along with an ecosystem of products that can support STEM education

Host Organisation: ENGINO - NET LIMITED
Partner Organisation(s): PA1: University of Cyprus
Project Budget: 1.603.692,40 €
IDEK Funding: 999.334,46 €

This project is about the development of a new, expandable robotics vehicle that will enable students at Primary and Secondary school level to effectively learn Coding and STEM. The many years of international experience of ENGINO’s team in this field, coupled with the latest market’s feedback and academic research, has shown that there are specific limitations to our existing modular solutions that hinder our international growth. Similar limitations exist with most competitive products, which only partially meet the varying needs of the teachers in this new field of STEM, creating a gap in the market for an affordable educational robotic solution that is not only suitable to teach STEM in an encompassing and interdisciplinary way but also allows different layers of complexity to deploy, through smart expandability features and according to the age and needs of students, the capabilities of the teachers and the requirements of their local curriculum. The process of development through this project will assure a strong market fit of this new product, something that will boost sales of ENGINO lines internationally and build-up an ecosystem around STEM, not yet established by any other brand. Since these early beginnings of STEM, when governments started to realize the importance of this domain, there has been a tremendous momentum that has become a global megatrend in both Retail and Education. In retail, the buzz on STEM has led to the establishment of a new category of STEM toys, while in Education significant funds are being allocated for the implementation of STEM initiatives.

The latest trends in STEM education place, among others, emphasis on the development of 21st century skills and computational reasoning, while modern teaching methodologies -already adapted by ENGINO focus on engaging students through interdisciplinary open-projects that relate to real-life challenges and require the use of engineering design thinking and inquiry based learning.