Early warning system for the structural health monitoring of embankments & levees using satellite radar technology

Host Organisation: Geofem Limited
Project Budget: 381.224,00 €
IDEK Funding: 199.608,64 €

The project aims to develop a platform for the monitoring of embankments, including flood defence systems (levees) using space technologies as a new service to be introduced into the global market. Conventional methods of monitoring embankments/levees involve the installation of measuring devices, making them cost prohibitive and limited with regards to spatial coverage. The maintenance and frequent monitoring of geotechnical infrastructure constitutes an economic (lowered costs), a social (public safety) and an industrial (innovation in monitoring), problem to be solved, offering a market potential and a business opportunity. The proposed service to be implemented addresses a business opportunity that arises from the need of an early warning system that will monitor the structural health integrity of embankments by applying a methodology that can cover the millions of kilometres of embankments, including levees, anywhere in the world eliminating the requirement for site visits, in an effective, cost and time efficient manner. The proposed platform to be realized will ensure the fitness of these structural infrastructure for purpose in protecting the population, the environment, the properties and the economy. The system will serve as a decision-making tool that will identify problematic locations so that they can be maintained and mitigated efficiently and effectively by prioritizing allocation of human resources by the relevant authorities. Such a platform has not yet been implemented on an international level. The project’s objectives are fully compatible with the objectives of the Cyprus Research Promotion and Foundation INNOVATE Programme involving the development of an innovative service with global market penetration potential.