Electron 247

Host Organisation: EnergyIntel Services Ltd
Project Budget: 1.598.428,57 €
IDEK Funding: 999.900,00 €

The aim of the Electron247 project is to deliver a breakthrough solution related to concentrating solar power systems (CSP systems). Here we propose an innovative configuration of components consisting of: a) the only Stirling engine that is capable of operating continuously on feeding temperatures of 900-1000oC, b) an integrated heat storage module that reaches over 1414oC and uses argon gas heat convection technology to feed the Stirling engine with the desired temperature range, c) a specially designed high efficiency dual axis solar parabolic dish with secondary Cassegrain reflector and d) an advanced controller that ensures the proper combination of all functional parameters. Electron247 has a tailored design where the Stirling engine and the integrated thermal storage module are located on the ground, below the parabolic dish and can operate as a stand-alone solution for On and Off-Grid applications. It combines a unique configuration of innovative components that can maximize the storage and efficiency potentials when the sun is shining and when the sun is not shining. It can provide electricity on a 24/7 basis at a high level of dispatchability, flexibility and modularity. It is completely scalable, starting from its base module of 5kW and expanding in significantly larger scales by combining several modules together.

The Electron247 project truly differentiates from the state-of-the-art CSP solutions (in the temperature range and thermodynamic efficiency of operation) and can make the difference. This breakthrough technology was designed and developed at TRL6, while the validation tests yielded to electricity efficiency ratio more than 45%. The technology will require a certain degree of optimization and upscaling, pre-industrial scale demonstration and innovation activities as well as dissemination, communication, marketing and business activities to reach the TRL8. We face the INNOVATE project, designed by RIF, as an excellent co-funding opportunity to achieve our business goals.