Subscription box for STEM & robotics

Host Organisation: Engino - Net Limited
Project Budget: 193.260,00 €
IDEK Funding: 119.988,00 €

This project is about the absolute necessity for vast acceleration of Engino’s business strategy towards B2C channels by developing an online subscription model, which will allow Engino to protect its market presence and business sustainability, by continuing to provide valuable educational time to kids, addressing the social and economic impacts during and after the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, while it will continue to “inspire the inventors of tomorrow”, continuing engaging more and more kids in STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology, mathematics). The objectives of this project is to deal immediately with the recent challenges, by developing and reorienting drastically all those necessary investments, efforts and assets in order to support the operational effectiveness and sustainability of an online subscription business model. After the completion of this project we will be able to understand special user-needs, adapt existing products and activities under those special needs, design & develop new products and activities, adapt existing LMS (Learning Management System) to the requirements of a subscription model, adapt our existing applications KEIRO and KIDCAD towards the creation and support of digital communities, adapt our existing manufacturing operations and logistics in order to support the subscription model requirements and control efficiently the entire process from online order to delivery, integrating all systems and operations in order to run in 9 months a Pilot Subscription model in Cyprus (1st priority) and Greece (2nd priority). Having the vision, the will and the level of readiness because of our existing product portfolio and know how, we are confident that the deliverables will affect and reply successfully to Engino’s business challenges and the social and economical consequences of this unprecedented pandemic.