Tomography Electromagnetic Analysis Methods for Quantitative Evaluation and Demonstration of 2nd Order Changes in Brain Activity

Host Organisation: AAI Scientific Cultural Services Ltd
Project Budget: 35.640,00 €
IDEK Funding: 24.948,00 €

The Team-QED2 project is a proof of concept attempt to produce accurate and meaningful personalized biomarkers for specific applications. The input for the computations are the novel framework for learning and tomographic estimates of brain activity extracted from MEG and EEG data, all related to areas of excellence of the Host organization (HO). The output has numerous and important industrial applications that include longitudinal follow up of children’s progress, evaluation of changes following interventions, e.g. neurofeedback and assigning groups and individuals in distinct categories according to innate abilities of the neural networks of their brains and/or relevant training they have received, all areas of strong research and commercial activity of the HO.