Listeria Biosensor

Host Organisation: EMBIO Diagnostics Ltd
Project Budget: 33.400,00 €
IDEK Funding: 23.380,00 €

To address the demand for faster food safety contror, EMBIO have developed a small, portable and easy to use, inexpensive device for detecting pesticides residues in food in less than 3 minutes and with low running costs, called B.EL.D. This device addresses this niche, yet extremely important requirement for a high capacity screening system, able to inform the end-user (primary, and analytical lab) on the presence or not of target residues in a sample, prior to its further processing by means of conventional methods (such as gas/liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry). With this project, we will test and develop the first Listeria biosensor in order to allow immediate detection of samples before they hit the market.