Self-healing of Concrete using high absorptive normal weight aggregates

Host Organisation: P.S.Seamless Gutters Ltd
Project Budget: 35.699,00 €
IDEK Funding: 24.989,30 €

Cyprus offers a unique potential for the development of Self-Healing Concrete (SHC), using High-Absorptive Normal Weight Aggregates (HANWA), that could allow for a wider implementation of SHC for designing piles, raft foundations etc. presenting a product of superior quality for a lower overall cost. In this study, specific mixtures will be carried out and tested to determine if such a design is feasible overall. The project itself will span over a 6-month period in which a Broad Implementation Plan and exploitation/ dissemination activities will be carried out in order to promote a basis for a future large-scale research project. A mix design will be determined and cast from the results of aggregate evaluation, and testing with the express purpose of tabulating, analyzing and evaluating the results to determine if a broad-scale implementation can be achieved concludes the scope of the proposal.