Optimal water management in industrial establishments

Host Organisation: Agrotech Innovations Ltd
Project Budget: 34.800,00 €
IDEK Funding: 24.360,00€

The project aims to address the issue of water management in industrial facilities as a key component in the total quality management strategy, helping enterprises with industrial activities, achieve optimal efficiency of water as a natural resource and also all other resources consumed in their establishments.

It will focus in the preliminary exploration of the use of innovative water treatment RF technology to relative industrial facilities and the transfer of know-how regarding the reduction of energy consumption, prolongation of machinery life cycle, reduction of industrial downtime and increasing all relative production indices.

OPTWIND will enable all possible stakeholders in the Agrifood industrial production and processing to gain a spherical perspective and precise monitoring and optimization regarding key performance indicators such as the degree of functionality and productivity of their procedures as well as their water management cycle and wastewater utilization. This will be made possible through the use of multiple simultaneous transmissions of radio frequencies in three different frequency bands ( ULF / LW / MW ) produced by the electronic device MAX GROW and the use of onsite sensors and meters where all needed information will be gathered and accessed by related actors in order to acquire the necessary information and data. This information will allow the mapping of best practices in an excellence pursuing path. This path will eventually lead to the optimisation of quantitative and qualitative production indices, the maximization of socioeconomic positive impacts in the entire area of the production of food and drink and the strengthening of cooperation between industry, primary production and government stakeholders, thus creating a benchmark for water management and wastewater utilization nation as well as Europe wide.

With the above actions, OPTWIND aims for high impact in maintenance costs, energy savings, food safety, workforce increase and rural development.