Intelligent reactive power management distribution grids

Host Organisation: EMTECH SPACE P.C (CY) Ltd
Project Budget: 35.714,28 €
IDEK Funding: 25.000,00 €

Distribution of electricity experiences a revolution-in-progress. Power generation evolves from centralized to distributed schemes. In addition, those that were once customers/consumers, today can also act as suppliers. The use of information and communication technologies creates the innovative “smart-grid” which improves reliability, efficiency and economics of electricity business. Primary  objective of the proposed research is to show that using real time simulation, is possible to produce reliable predictions about the smart grid operation and can be used for optimal resources management and exploitation. The simulation will include not only models about the functionality of the grid components (eg, capacitors, power lines, RES farms), but also smart devices, sensors and interactions between them. A smart-grid simulation algorithm will be available to study optimization approaches for load balancing, voltage regulation with respect to reactive-load compensation (Volt/VAr), scheduling/management of scattered RESs, and generally to facilitate the exploration of future smart-grid functions through a multidisciplinary virtual co-simulation methodology. A major advantage of the proposed solution is the direct integration with actual topologies, historical data and real-time data. The resulting simulation features will be available to end users to develop tools to further support decisionmaking on smart-grid distribution networks. Moreover our goals is to produce new knowledge, improving the competitiveness of business, and create new jobs. Our goals for energy efficiency is to achieve additional optimisation to reduce heat losses and release capacity, reduce operating and maintenance costs and increase the penetration of RES.